I want to give you the freedom to be wildly yourselves

I am going to want to know EVERYTHING about you

Making it personal is the reason I do what I do and I know it's not for everyone and I get it! You deserve to have the best freaking photographer to capture your love and it may not be me, and that's okay! I've included a few things I LIVE for down below and I hope we're on the same page because when we are...whew! That's when the magic happens!

Connection is key...



It is about a constant curiosity for life, a longing to know the unknown, and a burning desire to have the most meaningful experiences one can have while here on Earth! My curiosity runs deep and it is my favorite quality in others because it means that we both know this life can be crazy, but why not make it crazy amazing by launching yourself into incredible experiences, both big and small. 

If you're here I bet you are. An adventurous soul isn't someone who has rounded up a nice, shiny lists of places they've been so don't get confused here, to me it is not even always about travel...

if you know exactly what i mean...

then I think we're meant for each other. You know, the type that take the long way home because the green of the hills are more vibrant that way, or the type who will add a couple hours to the road trip to see the wildflowers in bloom, or the ones who see that the most meaningful adventures can be had in their very own backyard with the ones they love most!

share your story in the contact form below and I will be in touch within 24hrs! If you don't hear from me feel free to reach out on instagram at @emilyelisephotography or email me at hi@emilyelisephotography.com

So...what's your story?

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